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At Noidaapps, we offer to provide development solutions for android, IoS, AR/VR, IoT, etc. for enterprises and leading businesses across the globe.

Our Strategy

  • Consultancy
  • Ideation
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Roadmap
  • Idea Validation
  • Stakeholders
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Project stakeholder or Customers

The project Customer or stakeholder is the person or group responsible for initiating the web site project. In most instances the Stakeholder is the client or customer for the web site development work, but in smaller in-house department projects the sponsoring manager and the web project manager may be the same person. The customers provides the overall strategic vision and purpose for the site development project, approves the contract or work plan. He is responsible for the budget and project schedule, and provides the resources to support the work of the website development team. The stakeholder is the client the team works to please, but sponsors have critical work to perform as part of the overall site development team. Customer act as a liaison to the rest of the sponsoring organization, provide critical domain expertise, coordinate with the larger goals of the sponsoring organization, and deliver Website content and domain expertise to the project. As such, it is critical that customer and other stakeholders understand their responsibilities to the web team: late delivery of web site content is the most common cause of blown schedules in web development projects. Sponsors also are typically responsible for third-party or external content contracts, other media licensing negotiations, and coordination with other marketing, information technology, and communications efforts at the sponsoring organization or company.

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