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pay per click advertising

The techniques in the PPC advertising space is highly tappable, but online opportunities can be put to great use only by digital professional.

PPC Management Services

Searching beyond Click-through rates and Cost per Clicks, we analyze the ROI metrics that matters most for your business!!

The techniques in the PPC advertising space is highly tappable, but online opportunities can be put to great use only by digital professional. We don't build campaigns based on just the black box tools. Instead, we communicate to a sound researched, thoroughly consistent audience with firm focus on bringing more conversions for less spend. Our PPC professional including Google adwords certified experts uses leverage industry leading tools & best platforms to support you at every level - from account management to tracking results, sharing insights, bidding & managing campaigns at scale.

Paid Search Marketing

With NOIDAAPPS paid marketing services - Google Adwords Ads, we can boost clarity, drive traffic & generate leads at an amazing performance rate. Abiding in control of your marketing budget, our Google adwords certified experts create effective ads for finer targeting & place them in a phenomenal position to improve CTR. Having experience & proficiency in handling paid advertising campaigns for our clients worldwide, we create, execute & track performing online advertising campaigns aimed at improving revenue with measurable results.


DO the marketing with right people at right place with right platform - that's our PPC strategy

Whether you've a limited budget to spend for a specific service or a large amount to implement a multi-channel digital strategy, our certified PPC professional will analyze give right direction to your campaigns and make them succeed online.

  • Research on Potential Keywords
  • New Campaign set up
  • Restructuring existing campaigns
  • PPC Bid Management
  • PPC Account configuration
  • Managing & optimizing campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Building remarketing campaigns & measuring impact
  • Conversion Tracking through advanced tools
  • Targeting people based on category (age, gender, and location)
  • Targeting smart phone users with mobile-supportive ads
  • Feasible Account ReViews
  • Conversion Optimisation & Return On Investment metrics
  • Ad Extensions and Innovations like Dynamic Keyword Execution, Site Links, Google Product Centre Integration & Remarketing

CakePHP Web Development Solutions


What are the result of our custom PPC advertising campaigns?

  • Engaging Traffic- We create, tune and manage campaigns that consistently fetch quality traffic at considerably lower costs. Our strategy exactly matches to what our clients really need.
  • No Wasteful PPC Spending - We're experts in running campaigns that lower your spend & generate more value by identifying obstacle & reducing losses.
  • Higher Returns - Our campaigns is managed by clear business goals & achieve the highest Return on Investment by being productive, efficient & to the point.
  • Fast Project Payback - Our PPC advertising projects respond quickly, usually within the first month.

What are advertisers getting wrong?

  • Incompetently converting landing pages
  • Irrelevant Ads with wrong keywords
  • Not including clear call to action
  • Not testing for small variations in website
  • Ignoring the differences in CTR each time you tweak your website
  • Ignoring best guidelines for improving the ad relevancy & boosting the Ad Rank