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Audio And Video systems

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Audio And Video systems

Audio and Video systems are the partnership of high definition televisions and audiophile grade speaker systems, integrated together at one centralized location. An Audio/Video system brings flawless picture and sound to any home or business, via customized and precisely placed televisions and speakers. Receive the best television quality through 4K televisions and projectors, while receiving the best audio experience through in ceiling, in-wall or standalone speakers paired with a high grade amplifier and subwoofer.A distributed Audio/Video system allows audio and video components to play throughout a home or business seamlessly. With a distributed audio system, music is readily available by accessing a playlist or record saved to a music library. Watch a movie in any room, as with a distributed video system, high definition, including 4K, video content can be pulled from a centralized location to any television.

And Video

The terms audio and video commonly refers to the time-based media storage format for sound/music and moving pictures information. Audio and video digital recording, also referred as audio and video codecs, can be uncompressed, lossless compressed, or lossy compressed depending on the desired quality and use cases.Audio codecs can usually contain one audio channel (mono), two audio channels (stereo), or more channels.Video codecs will contain a sequence of frames, ie still pictures and, for compressed formats, movements between those pictures. Quality will vary depending on the number of frames per second, color space, resolution, etc.


benefits of Video Conferencing

Lesser travels

Video conferencing has made it easier for people who had to travel frequently for conferences. As this technology gives a facility to conduct a conference at the comfort of your home or office, a large number of business trips have been cut short.

Anytime conference

There is no time constraint to conduct a video conference. It can be conducted whenever there is a requirement. Even if the members are in different parts of the world, all they have to do is log in from their machines.

Better communication

It is possible to communicate through images, texts, audio, and video in video conferencing. This gives an added advantage of better clarity of the idea being conveyed. Screen sharing in real-time is also possible in case further explanation is necessary.

Time and money saver

As discussed above, video conferencing has reduced the need for business trips. Previously a lot of money was spent on travel, food, and accommodation. Traveling long distances just for a meeting would also mean a lot of time waste. All these have been addressed with this facility which helps you attend a meeting anywhere.

Increases productivity

Fast and better communication contributes to better productivity. It creates a favorable working environment where people can conduct a conference whenever necessary. So there is no confusion about ideas since everybody can log in from wherever they are and be updated.

Increased return

Lesser travel and time saving would result in a quick and increased returns for the company. This ensures a better growth rate too.

benefits of Audio Conferencing


Telephones are widely accessible

A number of offices these days provide each employee with a dedicated line. Apart from email and instant messaging, this is one of the ways they can be contacted should their services be needed.Let’s say someone works in a software development company. Suppose they form one of four people in a team that designed a new program that counted coins.


Multiple partiescan participate in a discussion

Phone systems these days allow callers to call more than one person. This becomes particularly useful when each person is located in different places around the city, state or even the world. This kind of conversation is pretty normal in businesses that have multiple locations.. It’s also a good opportunity for others in the call to pitch in on potential solutions.


Technical Support

Suppose one member of the team fell ill and has to stay in bed, but it’s important that they be part of the call because their knowledge is needed in brainstorming for a particular project. Rather than have them come in when they physically not able to, why not have a conversation with them over the phone? It allows them to impart their knowledge even when they are just at home.